Miss Clutter Bug - De-cluttering service


Miss Clutter Bug - De-Cluttering ServiceMarch 2017

"Holly was absolutely lovely and arrived on time as organised, I had requested that Holly come for 4 hours and in that time we managed together to clean out and sort my wardrobe, my husbands and my daughters wardrobes, Holly took things we no longer required and will sell them on our behalf for a small commission so that is also fantastic for me.  I now feel organised!  Thanks so much Holly, you arrived as a stranger and left as a friend!" Sandy


"Hi Holly, it's Angie - just wanted to say thanks again for a totally awesome-sauce first session! I had a really fun time, and we got through so much! Looking forward to the next time already :)" Angie


February 2017

"Holly has a thousand useful skills and has become very much my 'Go to' person. From her ability to organise, document and store my important personal documents to taking care of selling my surplus furniture. She has the organisational chromosome that can build Rome in a day.

Recently I asked her to conquer some domestic cleaning I had put off and was avoiding. While I was at work she tackled the oven cleaning and my many many windows. I came home to find what had been niggling chores done way better than I ever would have.

I have passed her name to several clients who range from time poor professionals to individuals whose personal ownership of stuff expanded but their houses didn't.

I trust her with the key to my house and access to my valued clients. She does what she says she will do and makes it all look so easy.  Thank you Holly."
Glenn Stott (Phone - 021817837)


"I am actually quite a tidy, organised person, but over the course of 13 years, anything that I wasn't sure what to do with, ended up in the garage, to the point that even getting the car in was a challenge, so Miss Clutter Bug to the rescue! In just four hours everything was sorted into stuff to take to the dump, stuff to donate to charity, stuff to sell and the rest neatly organised - I feel like the garage is now twice the size it was - the best money I've spent in a long time!." Leanne


"Holly, I lived with clutter so long I thought it was normal. When you first came over and took on my hobby room I expected a bit of a tidy up, but the way you catalogued the music collection, cables and CD's makes me want to spend more time in there.  Thank you ... I got quite a bit of my life back, so money well spent." Gary


"I just had a one off job to clean my three bathrooms/4 toilets and my kitchen from top to bottom and I was very pleased with the end result, all completed in a speedy and efficient manner and in just two hours, so just cost me $50 + GST. Will definitely be using Miss Clutter Bug again" Leigh